Armstrong Foils


Choose an Armstrong Foil...

  • Unparalleled multi sport performance = Surf + Kite + SUP + Wake + Downwind + Tow + Windsurf.
  • Industry leading 12 month Warranty = Designed and built to last a lifetime with millimeter precision manufacturing throughout.
  • Corrosion free design = Carbon fiber and Titanium construction with Stainless steel 316L fittings. (no aluminium)
  • Consistent responsive ride = High quality materials deliver the ultimate strength to weight ratio and unparalleled flex response.
  • Futuristic Carbon fiber fuselage with Titanium core technology = The perfect combination of strength and stiffness.
  • Future proof = Modular design makes it the easiest foil to learn with and progress to pro level.
  • Improved safety = Masts and wings have rounded safe edges and corners.

The Benchmark in Quality + Reliability + Function.