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Soundboks GO
Soundboks GO
SOUNDBOKS Go Portable Bluetooth Performance Speaker Wherever you go, however you go, whatever you’re going to do—SOUNDBOKS Go makes your music go too. This is a Bluetooth Performance Speaker, only smaller. Still powerful, durable, and truly portable with our incredible...
BATTERYBOKS - Spare Battery
This is the only swappable battery in the Bluetooth speaker game. Seriously. Compatible with all SOUNDBOKS products. Experienced users always have an extra on hand to swap in a snap and keep the music going. 40 hours of playback at...
Soundboks Gen 3
This is a Bluetooth Performance Speaker, the latest from SOUNDBOKS. Loud enough to fill a room or outdoor venue with huge bass, crisp treble and immersive sound for ~40 hours on a single battery. Built for durability, transportability, and connectivity,...
SOUNDBOKS BACKPACK Bring the rave anywhere you want!
SOUNDBOK - Tripod Stand
Black powder coated, heavy-duty steel tripod speaker stand compatible with the SOUNDBOKS.  Nylon carrying case included 2-year warranty  Screened Print Logo
Handheld dynamic microphone, ideal for announcements and vocal performance. Also looks bada*s. Connects directly to the Pro Panel on the SOUNDBOKS.  2-year warranty  Brass Mesh Windscreen On/Off Switch
SOUNDBOKS Go Shoulder Strap
You put the 'Go' in SOUNDBOKS Go with this custom, adjustable, ultra-comfortable padded carrier strap. Clip it to any of the MOLLE system-inspired loops on your speaker, throw it over your shoulder, and take your music anywhere with hands-free ease.
SOUNDBOKS Replacement Grill
Take your Soundbok everywhere and in the most challenging conditions! Accidents will happen. We've got you with this Black Repalcement Grill! Also Available in Orange and White. Just message us!
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