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AM3 Honeycomb
 AM3 Honeycomb Thruster / Small / Rake Template   The AM3 Honeycomb, designed by legendary shaper Al Merrick of Channel Islands Surfboards, is a small size thruster in the Rake template category. Intended for lightweight surfers to perform in...
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Rasta Keel
Rasta Keel
Rasta Keel The Rasta Keel was designed by Australian free-surfing icon Dave Rastovich, as he developed his own refinements to the classic keel design. Incorporating a layer of natural fiber jute there is an undeniable organic aesthetic, while increasing the...
ALPHA F2 & Controller
F2 Alpha Thruster / X-Small / Neutral Template The F2 Alpha is an xtra-small sized thruster in the Neutral template category. Made in Huntington Beach, the Alpha product line now combines Bureo’s NetPlus recycled fishing nets with Futures’ Compound 6...
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Blackstix AM1 & EA
Blackstix  SAME SPRING. MORE DRIVE. For ten years Blackstix fins have been a staple in Futures line as a reliable way to generate speed and make your board feel more lively. Our new Blackstix maintain Ride Numbers in the Speed...
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