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Tuning and repair kit for the Ozone Race kites

R1 V4 Tuning Kit

The perfect tuning kit to accompany the R1 V4 with tools and spare parts to keep your kite maintained. The Ground Stake makes it easy to check your Speed System trim. Two sheets of sticky ripstop material are included for minor sail repairs on the spot. Spare bridle line lengths and splice tools for line diameters up to 3mm are included to make replacement bridle lines if they are worn, broken or out of trim.

Refer to the R1 V4 manual for Speed System trimming and Pulley Line replacement instructions.

Tuning Kit contents:
- Custom bag with internal pockets for all tools/spares
- Ground Stake
- Tape measure
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Permanent marker
- Splicing needles
- Splicing wires
- 5m of each bridle line diameter used on R1 V4
- 3m of 2.5mm Amsteel Dyneema line to make up leader lines, connectors etc
- Set of spare Speedystem pulley lines PB1; PB2
- 2x A4 sticky ripstop material sheets black & white