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The DRIVE Mast is built tough!

One of the most important aspects of the foil setup is the mast and it's stiffness, the stiffer the better, better response and better stability. Our construction and chosen foil section have been instrumental in delivering possibly the strongest mast to fuselage junction in existence. There has been no compromise in material and layering to produce a mast that is unflappable to ensure that when you need it the most the mast will deliver predictably and feeling the same every time.

Mast length.

Choosing the right length mast is important depending on your ability and intended use, we have found that the more experienced you are the longer the mast you can ride regardless of the chosen discipline.

We suggest that riders new to foiling sports use either the 72cm or 85cm masts. It is simply easier to ride and control the shorter masts. We consider the 85cm mast as the go-to mast for almost everyone from newcomer up to intermediate and advanced riders.
The 95cm masts are for advanced intermediates to experts.
The longer masts suit experienced foil riders, perfect choice for Kite foiling, surfers who want to pump the foil or ride big waves.

Mast length guide

  • Mast 72cm (28.5”): Begginer/Intermediate. Sup, Surf, Wake and Down wind.
  • Mast 85cm (33.5”): Begginer/Intermediate/Advanced. Sup, Surf, Kite, Wake, Down wind and tow in Surfing.
  • Mast 95cm (37.5”): Intermediate/Advanced/Expert. Kite, Sup, Surf, Wake, Down wind and tow in Surfing.
Our unique mast construction was developed in conjunction with composite experts who worked on Team New Zealand America’s Cup foils.
Our quad C beam Mast core delivers rigidity and unparalleled torsional stiffness that equates to better strength, stability and control without compromising weight.
Our mast layup is futuristic, at the heart is a hard wood core, this is carefully wrapped with bulletproof Aramid fibre and 100% Carbon cloth, which has optimised fibre orientation to maximise the strength potential of the materials.