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Backpack Waterproof Dry Bag 40L
NZ Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack 40 litre with Laptop Sleeve by COR Surf What's better to keep all your stuff dry than a dry bag? How about a dry bag you can carry on your back! This awesome COR Surf dry bag...
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25 L Water Prrof Recon dry bag backpack 
Water Kite Compressor Bags
Best bags to pack your kites into a minimum volume. Small : 4m to 8m Medium : 8m to 13m Large :  10m to 21m
Armstrong Board Bags- SUP
Protect your Wing SUP. Quality materials with non-corrosive zip padding and internal storage pocket.
from $255.00
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Armstrong Golf Bag - Foil Travel Bag
Golf bags traditionally travel free...Now Foilers can enjoy the benifits of a hole in one!Dimensions: 140cm(55") * 60cm(24") * 20cm(8") deep
Armstrong Board Bag - Short boards
Protect your Baby. Quality materials with non-corrosive zip padding and internal storage pocket.  
from $209.00
"The Industrial" -Kite Kete Bags - Black
from $65.00
"The Industrial" -Kite Kete Bags - Black
The Industrial Those in the know will recognize the kite components that lend themselves to this construction. The sewing machine fought to stitch through the tough leading-edge fabric so the finishing on this all-around bag has character. If you want...
from $65.00
Round Raglan Bags Kite Kete - Green Stripes
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Round Raglan Bags Kite Kete - Green Stripes
Inspired by a love of ocean adventures and a strong desire to reduce waste, Kite Kete diverts kites destined for forever in the landfill and repurposes them into useful accessories. This strong yet lightweight fabric was once part of a...
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JUNIOR Kite Kete Gift Bag
Super fun gift bags for this summer! Order yours and we will send you all the colours that we have got available.  Includes: Kite Kete Round Raglan Bag SurfEars Junior Hydro Flask Junior Skinnies KIDS
Pocket Rocket Zip Pouch Kite Kete Gift Bag
Super fun gift bags for this summer! Includes: Kite Kete Pouch Surf Ears 3.0 SKINNIES SUNGEL SPF30 100ML BOARD WAX
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OZO Reversible harness
The OZO is a reversible harness / backpack made from ultra-lightweight materials. It is designed specifically for use with OZONE's range of modern lightweight wings, but can be used with any paraglider. For over a decade, the OZONE R&D team...
Snow Kite Technical Mountain Bag
The Ultimate Back back for the snow and Compressor Bags. Comes in two types - Standard and Ultralight  
Concertina Bag
After careful research by our test team into the best way to pack your glider by the concertina method, we are pleased to offer you the Saucisse Pack. Designed to allow you to pack your leading edge mylar as flat...
THE KOMPRESSOR KEEPS THE LEADING EDGE PLASTIC PROFILE BATTENS CONCERTINAED IN THE SAME WAY WE PACK THE KITES IN OUR FACTORY. It requires a little more time to pack a kite, however we highly recommend using it as this protects...
Snow Kite Compressor Bag
Snow Kite Compressor Bag, perfect for keeping more than one kite in your main bag.One size fits all. These are blue colour.
Laptop Bag Ozone V30 - Black/Grey
A perfect working backpack, keep all your equipment with you in the comfort of THE spacious V30 backpack. With a built in suspended and padded laptop pocket, it is big enough to securely carry all of your electronics, chargers, memory...
Bullet Pack (SpeedWing) 48L
 Bullet Pack 48L  For your Speedwing ! 24 different types of Paragliding bags
X-Alps Backpack - 50L
$305.00 $210.00
X-Alps Backpack - 50L
X-Alps Backpack Our Ultra-light Backpack, designed specifically for athletes racing in the RedBull X-Alps. Available in 2 sizes to ensure proper fit, this pack is simple yet ergonomic and highly functional. Medium: Weight: approx 500g. Volume 50L
$305.00 $210.00
ON SALE ! These are old models, 2nd hand. The front clip has been fixed, thus the price
$300.00 $120.00
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