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Wave Chaser 190SF (6'2")

Carbon/Epoxy SUP Foilboard: Surf / Downwind

The Wave Chaser 190 SF is designed for performance Surf and Downwind SUP Foiling. This board is an ultra-lightweight, strong and durable, carbon/epoxy SUP foilboard with a wide-bodied shape for balance and paddling stability and a wedge profile for easier pumping, all desirable characteristics in current model performance surf foilboards. 

The wide “kick” tail, assists with wave pick up and launch and the nose area is wide with a planed back underside which helps the board skim on touchdowns, rather than plunge or catch an edge. The slight, full-length, bottom concave assists with keeping the board straight and level on takeoff and provides hydrodynamic lift on takeoff and touchdowns. The high deck and bevelled rails improve buoyancy, paddling stability and help avoid rail catch on touchdowns and turns. The slight convex deck and tyre pattern deck pad help displace water for a quicker takeoff.

The 190SF is a performance SUP foilboard, suitable for experienced riders, up to 90kg.

Length: 190cm (6‘2")
Width: 75cm 29.5"
Volume: 123L
Weight: 8.1kg
Foil Mount: Dual Track

Water Displacement Pattern – Brush Groove - EVA Deck Grip
Carbon Airbrush arctic white with black rails
Unidirectional Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Laminate
Premium 4 & 6 Oz Glass /Epoxy Laminate
Vapor Resistant Pre Lamination Coating
3mm High Density Foam Veneer
EPS Foam Core with Carbon stringer
HD Foam Foil Block insert
2 x 10” Fin Box
Leg Rope Plug
Air Vent
SUP Handle