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SURF FOIL EPS rrp $1200.00


The Surf Foil is the best way to get foiling into the waves, light and strong these foiling specific boards will get you foiling into any wave.

The board is a low rocker high volume board made to get you in the waves early, once foiling its light and compact size make it very maneuverable.

The board comes in 3 sizes:

  • 5'8x 21" with 41L
  • 5'10x 22" with 45L
  • 6' x 23" with 51L

The construction is a tough classic surf build. All the boards are made with and EPS core and Epoxy Resin.  They are reinforced with carbon strips to give the foil drive and strengths.

Combined with the Cruzer foil and 70cm mast, they are really fun in all kinds of waves.