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Sky Engines, well know company in the panorama of flight, is occupied in the design and realization of two-cycle engines for paramotors.

Production focuses mainly on its own products SKY110S

The main components of the sky110S are milled from billets by the aid of sophistication numerical controlled machinery. The use of light-weight, and particular resistant alloy (aeronautical origin) reduce the motor weight improving significantly the weight/power ratio.

  • ¬†liquid-cooled mono-cylinder
  • ¬†displacement 110cc
  • ¬†power output 26 hp @11200 rpm
  • ¬†bore 53mm
  • ¬†stroke 50 mm
  • ¬†mechanical reducer 1:4
  • ¬†max 11.300 rpm recommended
  • ¬†68/70 thrust with a 125 cm 2-blade wood prop @11200 rpm
  • ¬†70/73 thrust with a 125 3-blade prop @ 10900 rpm
  • ¬†73/80 thrust with a 140 cm 2-blade prop @10900 rpm
  • ¬†walbro WG8 CARBURATOR
  • ¬†Engine¬†total weight inclusive of liquid 13,5 kg
  • Paramotor Complete with the Frame total weight inclusive of liquid Ultralight Carbon from 19kg - Alu Carbon from 22kg *10% margin
  • ¬†Egt temp. 660¬∞ C
  • ¬†Cht temp. 170¬∞ C
  • ¬†max 95¬∞c temp.of liquid

Use of a paramotor in winter with near zero temperatures, in order to have a correct motor function, it’s necessary to partition the radiator to allow convective circulation of the cooling liquid.
At about zero degrees temperature, we suggest covering an area of approximately 100mm on the inlet side. For this operation we can utilize woven tape or various other supports. Making sure that it is clearly wee-anchored at that is cannot be dislodged as the end up in the propeller.

For even lower temperatures, cover a corresponding larger portion.