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Your OZONE wing is delivered in two options

Kite Only includes (comes with ONLY Compression strap and Repair kit. No Bag)


The R1 V2 has proven to be incredibly competitive and still winning many events this year. Our riders feedback so far is that it is the easiest but fastest kite on the market right now. The ease of use brings true performance.

If racing, performance and speed categorise your kiting desire, take a serious look at the R1 V2- a brand new design that is destined to take any performance seeker or competitive kite-racer to new heights, on all surfaces and to the podium!

We have packed every ounce of new technology into this kite - without packing the weight on. The R1 V2 saves over 30% in weight compared to the V1! This translates to true performance increases - the kite inflates quicker, flies faster and is more reactive even in the lightest breeze. The kite is more stable at the edge of the wind window, and has much better drive downwind with a lighter feeling on the bar in general.

Incorporating our new high performance Ultra Light materials not only reduced weight, this also allowed our design team to completely re-work the internal structure and load distribution frame. Advanced internal layouts with new tension and sail shaping technology, combined with an all new bridle line plan reducing total line consumption sets a new norm in high performance foil kite design.

We teamed up with the world's top kite-racers to maximise our Research & Development programme. Each size R1 V2 has been individually designed, tested and fine-tuned to inherit the unique Ozone feeling and performance across the range. Our new Pro-Tune Speed System offers minute adjustment to keep the kite performing at its best in the correct trim.

The R1 V2 is a true race pedigree kite that will inspire confidence while delivering superior racing performance on the water, land or snow.