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Our wings are measured in cm2. The CF2400 is 2400cm2 in area

The CF2400 FOIL KIT is the perfect choice for anyone who is familiar with foiling and wanting to take it to the next level.

The CF2400 FOIL KIT is our most popular set up rig.
It's ideally suited to the all round Foiler. The combination of moderate aspect ratio and sleek high lift foil section gives it a stable feel but agile response at high and low speeds. It is the best choice for kite foiling, great locked in feeling and predictable in pitch make it smooth and easy to fly the foil even in demanding conditions. On the wave it is a weapon and allows aggressive wave shredding for experienced surf foil riders . On the big days it‚ Also the bomb because it can handle the speed and has the stability that is needed on bigger waves.

The CF 2400 Wing

The CF2400 delivers the perfect combination of performance, stability and carve-ability to take your foiling to the next level.
The CF2400 with its inflected tips is ultra smooth to ride, its inspiring stability allows you to really carve with confidence and it has the speed to handle big waves or swells.

The deep anhedral through the center helps prevent the foil ventilating during steep carving maneuvers and gives the greatest feedback on ceiling breakthrough before ventilation on any foil shape.

Wing Feature

  • The main wings are shaped for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds.
  • The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world‚Äôs foremost sport wing designers.
  • Continuous testing and refinement helped us find a combination of plan form, leading and trailing edge sweep and the right amount of anhedral curve that delivers super smooth flow, giving a more connected surf like feeling while on the fly.
  • Construction is based around a high-density foam core, which is encapsulated in Aramid cloth before being wrapped with 100% High Modulus Carbon.


      V2CF2400 Wing, V1CF300 tail, 72cm (28.5”) Mast, TC70 (27.5”) Fuse, PP Shims