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Carving Freeride 1600 Foil Kit

The CF1600 Foil Kit is confidence inspiring across a huge range of conditions and rider weights, its perfect for small waves or learning any foil sports. The CF1600 front wing has lots of lift and stability at slow speeds, the M45 mast is our shortest and together this kit has proven to be the best and easiest way to learn to ride a foil.

-Surf: Heavier rider or small surf conditions and pumping.
-Kite: Light wind choice for heavier riders.
-SUP: Lighter riders small waves, heavier riders in good surf.
-Wake: Ideal for beginners or heavier weight riders.
-Windsurf: Ideal for learning and in lighter winds.
-Downwind: Lighter riders or strong winds.
-Wing Foil: Heavier riders in moderate winds.

We recommend the setup below, much depends on rider weight, ability and chosen foil sports. 
See our Foil chart for assistance.

Wing: CF1600 (See the CF1600 wing page for more details)
Mast: M45cm / 17.5”
Fuselage: TC70
Tail Wing: CF300
TTF: 0 degree

*Kit comes complete with - Carry case, 2 Shims (+1TTF and 0 degree TTF) Bi Directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and wing covers.