70cm Mast

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70cm Mast

The 70 cm mast is great mast to learn, progress and ride on. It is perfect for shallow water spots and riders that want an easier rider and less crashing. It is designed to be extra tough and can be used on multiple platforms.


Length: 70cm
Total length with boxes: 79cm


The mast is made out of Prepreg carbon Twill, Biaxial and Unidirectional, with an optimum layup to make it stiff and strong. The core is PVC foam to keep the weight down. The top and bottom inserts simply connect to the board and foil thought interchangeable stainless steel inserts.

The finish

Carbon or White Durapox 

Compatibility/Connection System

  • Deep Tuttle


Name 70cm Mast
Height 70cm
Width 11cm
Weight 1.4kg
Rider Level Beginner and Intermediate
Best Use Learning, Surfing, Shallow Waters
Construction Prepeg carbon with high density foam core
Finish Carbon or Durapox (white)
Compatibility  Deep Tuttle


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