Agenda Jet Ski Surf Rescue iSled - Grey 6'0

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New Updated Model Features:

* New colour.  Matches new model skis from Yamaha and Seadoo.  
* New bungy attachments for dry bag, dive tanks and surfboards.


* ISled with EVA grip pad.
* High pressure quality hand pump.
* All key bungy attachments and stainless steel shackles.  
  (Fitting correctly to your ski is required).
* Eyelets and board carry bungy cord.
* The ultimate big wave / jet ski accessory. 

With its large 6’0 (182cm) size there is plenty of room for you to ride prone on your board as your power out the back or stack a couple of boards as you motor to spot ‘X’. 

5 years of professional use and ZERO warranties.  Tested in heat to 40 degrees celsius.  The sled of choice at many New Zealand Surf Lifesaving Clubs and professional watersport rescue operators.

The sled weighs around 50% of conventional EVA sleds.  This means your ski will feel light in the water and get you out of impact zones faster.  

INFLATE: Gone are the days of having to transport a big heavy sled. Unpack and inflate in less than 1 minute.

STRONG: Every area of this is reinforced to make it very tough and able to handle whatever nature can throw at it.

CONSTRUCTION SEAL SKIN:  Our super tough double layer with triple layer reinforcement on the rub points.

Size 6'0 x 41.5" x 4"   (182cm x 105cm x 10cm).

Packing carton weight 17kg.  Sled weight deflated and inflated 15kg incl straps.

Professional fitting available with our fitting partner Jet Sport West who also provide seat straps and PWC water training.

New 2020 model review: