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Axis SUP/Surf Front Wing

This Axis 2019 Surf/SUP Front Foil Wing is designed to work with all sizes of Axis Surf/SUP masts and fuselage. Crafted from carbon over a pawlonia core with ABS insert for the fuselage mount to prevent corrosion.

The word on the beaches is Axis have nailed it with their design, possibly the best performing foil on the market right now and at an extremely affordable price range. These wings sell out as fast as we can get them so please get onto ordering one.

82cm is best for smaller riders in the 65-80kg range for surf

92cm is best for medium riders in the 70-90kg range for surf

102cm is best for smaller riders in the 85-100+kg range for surf and for SUP downwinding

Two new sizes for summer 2019

75cm - More manoeuvrable and suiting riders in the 60-85kg range, rides faster than an 82cm

68cm - The smallest of the Axis wings, for advanced surf foilers, can also be used as a crossover for kite foiling - as can the 75cm wing.