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Ozone Alpha V1 - 14m & 16m from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.

The Alpha V1 is a unique single strut design that has redefined our expectations of inflatable kites.

Single strut kites have become more popular ever since the kite foiling scene has boomed. The Alpha V1 goes beyond being just a foil riding kite by delivering outstanding performance for twin tip free riding and handles wave riding effortlessly.
The Alpha is a super light weight kite, but what does that actually mean for the rider? This is noticeable from the first flight, the kite stays in the air extremely easily and is really stable in light wind conditions.

The kite feels very solid overhead and responsive through the bar. The upwind ability with the Alpha is brilliant, the kite sits far round on the edge of the wind window, it has a real "always there for you when you need it" feel and really helps with the extreme upwind angles on the foil and not feeling overpowered. The Alpha flies easily and effortlessly in low wind and is very confidence inspiring for progressing your riding with.


The lightweight design translates to incredible high-end performance making the Alpha a very competitive choice not only for light wind freeriding, but also the expanding freeride hydrofoil scene in almost any wind strength.

The power to de-power stroke is progressive and dynamic enough to provide smooth lift for transitions and jibes with a foil board.

For high wind foiling in chop or waves, take a small size with shorter lines for loads of fun drifting the kite while carving swells across the wind.


Going traveling? Take the Alpha with you, it is incredibly lightweight, packs small and can do anything you want it to do on any given day.


  • Single strut design
  • Freeride and travel specialist
  • Incredibly light weight
  • Ease of progression
  • Smooth lift
  • Looping capabilities
  • Great upwind ability