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  • The new HS1550 wing is crazy good. It is a big wing but it doesn’t feel that much slower than the CF1200. The turning and pump is on point too.
  • Unlike other big wings we have tried, the HS1550 does not buck you off the board at take off. It has a ton of low speed lift and comes on foil in a very controlled manner. This wing is definitely easy enough for a beginner to ride. If you want the easiest wing to ride in this size, you should consider the CF1600 which will have lower speed lift, go slower, and it stays on foil easier than the HS1550.
  • This wing is the perfect performance foil surfing kit for riders 180 lbs or larger.
  • Wake surfers are regarding the HS1550 as the must have wing in the Armstrong line up. They love that you can ride through the prop wash without getting launched off your foil. Also this wing turns fast in the tight pocket of a wake and is big enough to glide a few wakes back in the clean water.