The Ultralight lifesaver.

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The Ultralight lifesaver.

These new Angel Pro Ultralight's are just amazing how light they are.

So I pulled out my Old reserve 1.5kgs and repacked my new Angel Pro 100 Reserve at 920grams into my SOLO's harness and the weight difference so insane, and the 85kg Angel Pro is only 870 grams

To save half a kilo for a hike and fly set up isn't easy but it is with this new Angel.

 Also there has just been a price reduction on this which is just great news, Check out the web site today.  

Check out the weight's of all the sizes.


85 100 120
Area (m2) 26.1 29.1 34.8
Span (m) * 5.82 6.37
Weight 870 grams 920 grams 1.17kg
Sink rate (m/s) 5.4 5.43 5.39
Line consumption (m) * 99.3 133.2
System height (m) * 5.85 6.4
Certification EN & LTF EN & LTF EN & LTF

Check out the lastest video about the Angel Pro's

OZONE - Angel SQ Pro from Ozone Paragliders on Vimeo.


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