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Come and learn to Hydrofoil with us in Raglan! Ozone NZ is the only Maritime audited/licensed school in New Zealand. The Raglan harbour has the best conditions to learn, thanks to the flat water areas, making it safe and easy. We’ve taught ages from 9 to 76 and we will have you foiling in only one hour. So, what are you waiting for?! Come rain or shine we can teach you to fly. We teach your first lesson behind our ski, then from there either surf, kite, and/or SUP foiling or the amazing new sport Winging. Private ONE on ONE lesson only $99 for 60 min, or $125 for...

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Richard, a keen Foiler, recently went on the Ozone New Zealand Fiji Foiling trip - the very first of it's kind! Here's his recap of a "Foilers paradise"... Well I have found it. No not in the yellow pages. Well actually I did not find it, Simon did. And it was not actually lost. The thing is when you can foil, foil tack and foil gybe you don’t want to mow the lawn like a twin tipper, you want to go fast and far and do some exploring. You want the water smooth underneath and no weed. You want some...

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We love teaching foiling & kiteboarding in Raglan :) The excitement and fulfilment from seeing our clients learn to foil or kite will never get old for us.... read on for David's classic take on his first Hydrofoil lesson with Morgan and Matt this week, 58 years young and the star in our latest video. "such a great experience, getting on but still love and need adrenaline in my life. Such a cool easy lesson with you guys, easy and fun, challenging but amazed how fast the progression was. Looking forward to the next stage, learning to foil with my kite for...

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