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  • The Ultralight lifesaver.

    The Ultralight lifesaver.
    These new Angel Pro Ultralight's are just amazing how light they are. So I pulled out my Old reserve 1.5kgs and repacked my new Angel Pro 100 Reserve at 920grams into my SOLO's harness and the weight difference so insane, and the 85kg Angel Pro is only 870 grams To save half a kilo for a hike and fly set up isn't easy but it...
  • Louis Tapper smashes the NZ Overseas PG Triangle record.

    Louis Tapper smashes the NZ Overseas PG Triangle record.
    The New Zealand overseas triangle record has been broken by Louis Tapper from Queenstown. Louis was been flying in Bir, India in late October. What was 104.1km held by Evan Lamberton, it now stands at 164.5km. Bir Billing has seen some pretty strong early winter flying with some unusually early snow. There have been numerous serious incidents and rescues this year, but for Louis a great week...
  • R1 V2 Race Program

    R1 V2 Race Program
    The R1 race program is still in full development this year. Our team of designers and riders are working to bring you the best performing race kite on the market. We will be releasing the next version of the R1 in the last quarter of next year, we are aiming for October 2018. This will give our designers another full year of development and...
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